Achan teaches a lesson

Last Wednesday night, I taught the children at Club a lesson on
Achan. The point of the lesson was that he just did a “small sin”.
It really wasn’t that big of a deal to take those three little things
out of ALL that loot from Jericho. Nobody would miss it! Nobody
even had to know!

Those little sins. Those things no one knows about. The subtly
disrespectful way I talk to Keith when I’m not real happy with
him. The secret chocolate that I certainly don’t need! The
time wasted on who knows what that could be better put to
use. God knows!

Achan’s sin cost the whole camp a defeat of a city that should’ve
been an easy win. It cost 35 families the lives of their loved ones
in that battle. It caused the whole nation of Israel to question
God’s being with them, including & most importantly, their
leader. It cost Achan & his whole family their lives.

God takes those “little sins” seriously! Our verse for I, which just
happens to be our verse next week is, “If you know these things,
happy are you if you DO them.” (John 13:17) Those “little sins”
cost my family. Why would any wise woman tear down her own
home? Keith as my head should have nothing but the utmost
respect from me at ALL times. Would I talk that way to my Lord if
He were here no matter how I was feeling emotionally? The
children are watching my every move. Do I want to teach them
to eat that way? My body is G-d’s temple. Take good care of it
for His sake. I must use my time wisely, (Psalm 90:12) “Teach us
to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

This week’s lesson is on how the Israelites defeated Ai in the next
chapter, after they had cleaned up camp! (Joshua 7:13 – “You will
never defeat your enemies until you remove these things.”) Our
theme this year in Club is military – in God’s Army. We want
victory over our enemy! We have to stay strong in the power of
His might. G-d gives us victory! We have a whole Book on His
mighty deeds. He wants to do great things in & through
you, too.

If only Achan had waited, G-d was going to give them all they
wanted from Ai. Jericho (the FIRST city in the Promised Land)
was all G-d’s, but He had lots of other blessings to give them if
they would just trust Him (sound familiar?). He could’ve had tons
more than that measly bar of gold, robe, silver coins. There are
consequences to doing things your way. There are consequences,
not just for you, but for those around you.

Our verse this week is H – “How can a young person stay pure? By
obeying Your Word & following Its rules. I have hidden Your Word
in my heart that I might not sin against You.” (Psalm 119:9,11)

Lord, help me obey Your Word & follow Its rules to the letter! See
if there be any “small sin” (or big for that matter!) in me & give me
Your strength to eliminate it completely! Show me how to teach
the children Your Word & ways effectively that they might have a
life full of Your blessing!!

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