It’s time to start writing it down…

OK. It’s a new year & time to make some of those changes on the
list. I’ve often thought about a journal. I’ve started paper ones
through the years, but not since the family has come along. How
many times I’ve thought it would be good to write down the funny
things the kids say, lessons learned along the way, things God’s
working on me, things we are going through at the time, etc. for
future reference/ entertainment?

My number one quote to N on how important writing is…”Laura
Ingalls didn’t do anything out of the ordinary in her life (for that
time period) except write it down. Now she’s famous.” K is
having us listen to a 17 CD book on writings freshly compiled on
George Washington’s life before he was President. It is
DETAILED!! I was just thinking yesterday how the only way we
could have these details of when he was a teen, etc. was
because he had to have written it down!
And so I write….

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