Tukey Leg, Anyone?

Two new Thanksgiving treats the kids are helping me make this year…

Thin Mints
(super easy & super good!)
Ritz crackers
melted chocolate
peppermint oil

Put some (ten”drops” maybe?) oil into the melted chocolate, put whole Ritz crackers in & fish them out with a fork. Tap off excess chocolate & lay on wax paper to dry. You can sprinkle some fall sprinkles on if you want to add fun.

Turkey Legs
Thick rod pretzles
caramel loaf (I buy at an Amish store nearby)
crushed walnuts
melted chocolate

This is my answer for a Thanksgiving turtle. Snap the pretzle rod in two, wrap some caramel around the broken end, roll in the nuts, & dip in chocolate. Again, lay on wax paper to dry. I think these are going to be a hit this year! Start of a new tradition?


Since today is a recipe sharing day, here’s an election day tradition at our house…

Donkey Droppings
– I know, an odd choice for a house full of rah-rah Republicans, but it’s all we got.
(an Aussie friend passed these on to us in Korea – thanks Elaine!)
1 can condensed milk
250 grams plain biscuits (two sleeves of plain graham crackers)
1 Tbs. cocoa
1 cup dessicated coconut (I have no idea what that means – I use reg. shredded coconut)
rum (we are teatotalers here, so use milk:)

Combine all ingredients. Roll into balls like Buckeyes (for those outside of Ohio, about 1-1 & 1/2 inch round). Roll balls in coconut. If you put these in the freezer & remove a few minutes before eating, they are AWESOME! But could be eaten at room temperature as well.

Keith thinks I should learn how to make elephant ears at home, too, to represent both sides of the aisle, but we haven’t gone there yet. Anyone know a good Republican recipe for the upcoming Presidential race? It’s never to early to start thinking about that, you know.

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